Vultures & Eagles


Eagle Heights is a falconry and small wildlife centre situated in the pretty village of Eynsford in Kent. It looks after as many as 150 birds at any one time, including eagles, hawks, falcons and some of the world’s rarest vultures. Besides allowing visitors to get close up to these beautiful specimens, the centre holds regular falconry displays – allowing you to admire the remarkable dexterity of these birds in flight and their ability to hone in on small prey from an astonishing distance.

The centre is also actively involved in conservation work through its breeding programmes and promotes education by highlighting the importance of conservation to over 35,000 schoolchildren every year.

The air of excitement and anticipation among the young visitors is something you won’t fail to notice when there’s a school party present. And this sense of excitement and wonder is something I wanted to tap into when creating a series of eye-catching images.