China Daily Campaign


These 48 sheet posters were designed for China Daily, the Chinese newspaper that is now being distributed for free in London. As part of a general awareness campaign, China Daily wanted to gently remind readers that while most of the world’s iconic brands are manufactured in China, one of China’s most popular daily newspapers was being read in the UK. The newspaper has serious plans for Europe and has already invested in an English speaking editorial team here in London.

Diabetes UK Campaign


These pieces formed the front and reverse of a DM piece, along with the cover to a welcome pack, which sat inside. Diabetes UK is the largest charity devoted to Diabetes in the country, and its network of over 300,000 individuals who campaign, help and provide services for all those directly affected by the disease, forms the core of the charity. Diabetes UK raises more than £7 million every year for research and wanted its marketing to reflect the serious nature of this contribution. Until now the charity had relied on a variety of photo library shots. So here was an opportunity to raise the bar and provide a consistent and professional look across all its marketing material.